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NASA Reestablishes Contact with Ingenuity Helicopter, Mars Back Online!

By M31Global News 3 Min Read

NASA reconnects with Ingenuity, the Mars helicopter, after a chilling radio silence. The tiny pioneer,

Ingenuity Takes Its Final Flight: NASA’s Mars Helicopter Mission Concludes After 3 Years of Historic Achievements

By M31Global News 4 Min Read

NASA's Mars Helicopter Ingenuity has bid farewell after 3 years of groundbreaking flights, proving powered

Artemis Mission Delayed: Moon Landing Pushed Back to 2026

By M31Global News 4 Min Read

Moon Landing on hold! NASA delays Artemis program, pushing human lunar return to 2026. Safety

SpaceX Loses Contact During Re-entry of Starship Over The Indian Ocean, What Happend?

By M31Global News 4 Min Read

SpaceX's Starship rocket goes higher than ever in its third test flight, but contact was

What US Envoy said, after an Indian Student Death in the USA

US Ambassador to India expresses condolences after string of student deaths. Garcetti emphasizes shared responsibility, collaboration on safety measures, and support systems for Indian students.

M31Global News By M31Global News 3 Min Read

World Health Day 2024: My Health, My Right – A Day for Global Health Equity

By M31Global News 4 Min Read

World Health Day, celebrated every April 7th, focuses on a global health issue this year

Baltimore Bridge Collapse: US Safety Investigators Recover Black Box from the Ship “Dali”

By M31Global News 3 Min Read

Breaking news! Baltimore bridge collapse, Investigators found the "black box" from the ship that crashed.

G-33 Nations Push for Permanent Public Stockholding to Ensure Food Security

By M31Global News 4 Min Read

33 developing nations want a permanent fix to store food & keep prices stable. They

Infinix Note 40 Pro Series Launched in India, Check Prices and Specifications Here

By M31Global News 7 Min Read

Infinix just launched the Note 40 Pro series in India! These mid-range phones have 5G,

Instagram is Testing an AI-powered Search Bar

By M31Global News 6 Min Read

Instagram is testing a new AI-powered search bar that can understand your search query and

Realme Pad 2 and P Series Smartphones Coming on April 15th

By M31Global News 5 Min Read

Realme is having a double launch on April 15th! The Realme Pad 2 tablet have

Facebook Launches New Vertical Video Player Takes Aim at TikTok

By M31Global News 4 Min Read

Facebook is launching new video player designed for short phone videos, just like TikTok! This

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