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UK Based, Griffin’s Startup ‘Banking-as-a-Service’ Secures $24 Million Funding and a Full Banking License

By M31Global News 3 Min Read

UK BaaS startup Griffin just got a full banking license and $24 million funding! This

Crypto Price Today, 23 March 2024: Bitcoin Falls Below $64k, Ethereum Dips Under $3300

By M31Global News 5 Min Read

Bitcoin and other major cryptos like Ethereum and Solana dipped today! Prices are down around

What is Cryptocurrencies? The Future of Finance?

By M31Global News 16 Min Read

Confused by cryptocurrencies? Don't worry! This beginner-friendly guide breaks down what crypto is, how it

Ethereum’s Whales Make $500 Million Investment in 48 Hours – What’s Next?

By M31Global News 6 Min Read

Ethereum's big players are making waves! Whales invested a whopping $500 million in just 48

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