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US NSA Jake Sullivan prepares for India visit during PM Modi’s third term

By M31Global News 3 Min Read

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan to visit India as PM Modi begins his third

Tragedy in Madhya Pradesh: Fire and Blasts at Crackers Factory, Leaving Casualties and Devastation

By M31Global News 3 Min Read

A devastating fire and subsequent explosions at a firecracker factory in Madhya Pradesh, India, resulted

Bengaluru Breaks 133-Year Record with Historic June Rainfall

By M31Global News 3 Min Read

Bengaluru's historic June rainfall breaks 133-year record, signaling the need for preparedness and safety measures

PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi Shake Hands as Welcome New Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla

By M31Global News 2 Min Read

PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi join hands to welcome Om Birla as the new Lok

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