What is Disease X: The Zombie of Pandemics and How We Can Prepare?

By M31Global News 4 Min Read

Disease X, the unknown pandemic threat, looms. Is the world ready? M31 Global News explores

Japan is developing a Laser beam to protect Space Station for Space Debris

By M31Global News 4 Min Read

Forget space nets and harpoons, Japan's got a wilder idea: blasting space junk with lasers!

Photoncycle’s Bright Future for Energy Storage with Solid Hydrogen

By M31Global News 6 Min Read

A Norwegian startup called Photoncycle has a new way to store solar energy using solid

Greenland’s 20% Underestimated Meltdown Threatens Our Planet

By M31Global News 5 Min Read

Greenland's Icy Secret: 20% More Ice Lost Than Thought! Melting giant threatens coastal cities, urgent

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