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Is Americans Losing Its Religion? 5 Reasons Why America Is Becoming Less Religious

By M31Global News 3 Min Read

America's Faith Fades: Beyond Politics? ✝️Pew Research reveals a 27% surge in religiously unaffiliated Americans.

Supreme Court Mandates Permanent Commission for Women Officers in Indian Coast Guard

By M31Global News 3 Min Read

Supreme Court slams India's Coast Guard for denying permanent commission to women officers, calling it

ISRO to built Drone Port in Hyderabad for Advanced Drone Training

By M31Global News 5 Min Read

Telangana State partners with Isro for advanced training & dedicated drone port in Hyderabad, aiming

What US Envoy said, after an Indian Student Death in the USA

By M31Global News 3 Min Read

US Ambassador to India expresses condolences after string of student deaths. Garcetti emphasizes shared responsibility,

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